The Courage To Carry On

Life is hard. It is the courage to carry on, however, that matters. In the face of obstacles, disappointments and hardship, it’s important to keep the faith and remember that we’re not alone in this story. Our Creator is always by our side, ready to help us at any given moment. Isn’t that a wonderful […]

The Heart of the Matter

Our hearts know much. They inform us about what makes us happy, and what doesn’t. They speak to us regarding what we are versus what we could be. The ancient Maya believed that the heart could ‘think’ and, contrary to the brain, was the sacred center of our being. You can read an article I […]

Take it to the Next Level: How to Rise in Life—The Book

Sun 1 | LUBARASCHEFFPHOTOGRAPHY Book writing is not new to me. I’ve independently authored and published numerous eBooks and Books: some under a pen name, and most recently 101 Gold Nuggets of Advice and its companion book under my real name, Luba Rascheff. At the moment, I’m simultaneously working on two books. One is about […]