Believe, Dream, and Imagine

One of the most important factors in taking it to the next level is understanding that before something that you desire can manifest in the physical realm, it must first be established in the spiritual realm. I discuss this in my featured YouTube video here.

What do you wish for in 2023? What do you seek to change in your life? You’ll need to think about it, imagine it, dream about it and BELIEVE that it can happen, and it will.

A view of the lake and trees

My desire for 2023 is to live in a place from which I can view Lake Ontario and some trees, too!

Right now, I have a view of tall buildings.

That’s all right. It’s a  big change from the Bulgarian village where I lived for a little over ten years and from which I had a view of the Rila Mountains, the beauty of which never ceased to inspire me.

Here in Toronto, the buildings are imposing, dominant and outwardly embody the power of an industrialized country, Canada.

This is all good, but I desire a view of the lake (and some trees) so that I can see actual sunrises and sunsets as opposed to looking at them reflected in the windows of skyscrapers.

The reflections are beautiful and brilliant, but unlike in Plato’s cave, I want to see the real thing and not its shadow.

It happens in the spiritual realm first

If you wish to change something in your life, the first step is to desire this change.

Then you must be able to focus on such.

It’s where we focus our attention that matters. Where we focus our attention begins to—on the spiritual level—activate our desires.

Imagine what you want

In my mind’s eye, I can see the key to my new place.

I open the door and walk inside.

I imagine myself walking around, observing the rather large windows, the view. I can see that there’s a wooden floor, too.

Now I’ve furnished my new place and can see an off-white couch, an intricate, Persian rug, paintings of ancient sailing ships, and other artistic decorations.

I can also see my desk with a large computer station on it. This is from where I’ll communicate with you, my LRC clients, in the near future.

It doesn’t start today

I vaguely remember having had a vision of this place at an earlier stage in my life.

A big door. An opening. Something significant.

My point is that even if we are barely aware of our desires or that they’re latent, they are still there in seed form. This matches James Hillman’s acorn theory[1] which posits that our lives are all about finding our acorn.

I’m convinced that the inception of our desires exists in our individualized acorns. It’s up to us to feed, water and allow these desires to grow. This is the core of what Take it to the Next Level is about.

The view from my new place is what I’ve always dreamed of. It’s beautiful, inspiring, yet not overwhelming because the trees are there, too, to balance the water scene.

I can see the sun start to rise and timidly peek above the water on the horizon. The sky is a pinkish-blue. It’s gorgeous and I’m right there, right where I’m supposed to be.

Let’s ‘Take it to the Next Level,’ book your appointment today,


Photo by Juliet Sarmiento on Unsplash

[1] See The Soul’s Code, In Search of Character and Calling by James Hillman.

We need to Exit the Matrix Mentality

I hope this combination audio-text blog finds you well as we approach Christmas and Hannukah.

I have a new toy

I’m happy to finally get to test my new, wireless microphone. I’m like a kid about these things. Every new gadget makes me happy, and I’m especially happy if you can hear my voice clearly. (Click below for the audio version of this blog post.)

A big part of Take it to the Next Level has to do with feeling dissatisfied with where you’re at.

You have a gnawing feeling that you can be more, do more.

That’s why I’m striving to work on the primer, Take it to the Next Level, How to Rise in Life. I want to be able to have it ready for you.

I finished Module 13 most recently and am waiting on inspiration for Module 14.

Allow yourself to be inspired

That’s just it, I have to wait for inspiration to come before the next module ‘emerges.’

Next Level work happens within the messiness of life. It’s there—ready to access—waiting for you to pay attention to it. It really is that simple.

It happens in a quiet moment, when the sun suddenly appears from behind the skyscrapers, when you can and are willing to—for a moment—turn away from the business of life.

It happens while you’re doing the things you’re doing; while I’m busy being the part-time chaplain, and part-time student, and doing other activities.

We need to exit the Matrix Mentality

I recently became frustrated because of something bureaucratic.

It reminded me that we live in what some call a matrix because when things flow the way they’re supposed to flow, there is no bureaucracy. There isn’t that extra layer of ‘fluff’ that is completely unrelated to what you’re trying to achieve but suits others’ purposes.

The environment that surrounds us can—in and of itself—be an impediment to living our best lives, allowing our talents to emerge and moving up in levels.

I say it clearly in the primer, not everyone will cheer you on when you’re determined to Take it to the Next Level. Quite the contrary, we don’t want to be pushed out of our comfort zone. It’s so much easier not too make that extra effort, give ourselves that gentle ‘little kick.’

In a way, when you take it up a level, when you poke your head out of the ordinary, when you peer outside the matrix, you’re saying no to things that block you from utilizing your full potential. More importantly, you’re saying yes to the unknown and a certain level of risk.

Spirituality is squirmy, but good

Although spirituality—like something squirmy—is hard to put one’s finger on and can vary from person to person, we can all feel when we’re being limited.

The whole point of Take it to the Next Level is to shift our focus to what we CAN do, what we LIKE to do and what we’re inherently GOOD at doing.

It really is that simple.

Joyous festivities ahead and let’s Take it to the Next Level together,


Featured Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

We Are Never Truly Lost: Chief Albany and the Li’l Nüvi

Some people are born with a good sense of direction and some, well, are not.

In a way, if I hadn’t turned right instead of going left—toward Banff, our destination—we wouldn’t have gotten lost at dusk near Lake Minnewanka and I wouldn’t have seen the baby deer on the road blinking at me in the car headlights in astonishment seemingly thinking, ‘What on earth are you doing here?’ Mama deer was nearby and the family quickly leaped safely back into the dense woods.


If I hadn’t booked the holiday through a third party, I would have been able to change our WestJet flight; wouldn’t have arrived in the late afternoon (after an unexpected delay); and would have missed seeing the family of elk peacefully grazing on the side of the TransCanada Highway (A1). What a sight! Next to what geologists call ‘cluster blocks’ and ordinary folk call mountains.

When you don’t have a good sense of direction, GPS becomes very important. And when your GPS doesn’t immediately locate satellites it becomes a problem at best or your worst nightmare. When I saw ‘Ontario’ appear in location and not ‘Alberta,’ my heart dropped.

It all started in the garage of Enterprise rent-a-car at the Calgary International Airport. I was given a speed tour of the Hyundai Kona (2021 model)—and a map. The map and a compassionate hotel receptionist in Calgary are what got us on the A1. He said, ‘You can use the GPS on your phone.’ That’s what—eventually—got us to Banff. I prayed that God would bless this man and his entire family.

Calgary International Airport | LUBA RASCHEFF PHOTOGRAPHY

I like my GPS and call it the Li’l Nüvi for short. It’s actually a Garmin nüvi 44 LM. Without the Li’l Nüvi, I feel lost.

All this to say that in my mistakes—forgetting that the Li’l Nüvi can’t locate satellites while surrounded by concrete in an underground parking lot—and allowing trepidation to take hold of me when we were ‘this’ close to Banff led to the most wonderful discoveries. I learned that my phone can guide me just as well (no offense, Li’l Nüvi); that elk and deer come out at dusk; and that all detours lead to Banff.

Moose Hotel & Suites, Banff | LUBA RASCHEFF PHOTOGRAPHY

Still processing the experience

As I pen these words from my Toronto residence, I realize that I continue to process the spiritual significance of my trip to Banff and the ‘cluster blocks.’ The Nepalese waiter (she/her) from Pacini’s who was born in Kathmandu calls them ‘Baby Mountains.’ We got a good laugh out of that. They may be babies but they sure have clout!

Chief Albany

Possibly the oddest thing that happened on the trip was sensing the presence of Chief Albany. This is not the man’s real name, but for those who have ears to hear, let them hear. It happened at thirty thousand feet.

‘My name is Luba and I’m in an iron bird.’

‘I know what planes are,’ the chief replied.

This provided a good laugh, too.


We are never truly lost

There was no doubt that I was on the traditional territories—in this case in the traditional air space—of the Indigenous people.

Although I was physically lost near Lake Minnewanka, the chief ‘spotted’ me even before I stepped foot on land and knew exactly where I was.

The mountains seemed to know, too. After every excursion, I would feel their calm and sober presence.

A Panorama View of Lake Louise | LUBA RASCHEFF PHOTOGRAPHY

I had some hesitation before taking my 85-year-old mother out west, but decided to cast my fears aside and go.

And if you’re wondering, the Li’l Nüvi connected to satellites in Alberta after all.

Let’s Take it to the Next Level together,


Part-time chaplain and student by day; spiritual counsellor by night.

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Take it to the Next Level: How to Rise in Life—The Book


Book writing is not new to me.

I’ve independently authored and published numerous eBooks and Books: some under a pen name, and most recently 101 Gold Nuggets of Advice and its companion book under my real name, Luba Rascheff.

At the moment, I’m simultaneously working on two books. One is about dementia—a topic that both impacts and frightens many, and something I deal with on a daily basis as a chaplain—and the other pertains to this piece. My interest in dementia is tied to my role of Director on the Board of Directors of a dementia initiative and small, cozy, assisted-living home in Toronto, Ontario that can accommodate up to five women with mild cognitive impairment. (You can read more here.)

Writing is something that naturally flows for me which is why I decided to come up with a primer by the same name for what it means to Take it to the Next Level, the core of my business, Luba Rascheff Consultancy.

The book comprises a series of easy-to-understand modules. I completed Module 5 today; have more to write; and am allowing the muse to guide me.

Take it to the Next Level, the book, has a spiritual component which courses through it, as in all of my writing. In this case, I attempt to blend spirituality with practicality so as to ‘weave’ a blueprint of how to move to higher spiritual levels and rise in life in the context of the complex age in which we find ourselves.

Although the book merges my own religious faith tradition—Christianity and its associated Trinitarian belief system—with rising in life, the concept of Take it to the Next Level can be followed by anyone, regardless of their religious tradition or spiritual views. The purpose of the book is to act as a reference, a guide, to moving up spiritually—to higher and higher levels—in life.

Writing comes easily to me because I had the privilege to live for a little over one decade in Bulgaria. It was during this time, in a completely foreign environment, that I had the privilege to write.

Writing means taking pen to paper and writing until your ink runs dry, or mercilessly tapping on a keyboard until it needs replacement. That’s because there’s a physical effort involved in writing.

I remember writing one particular book with the TV blaring, dogs barking and people coming in and out of the house! Writing happens in circumstances that are often not ideal.

I am excited about writing Take it to the Next Level: How to Rise in Life because I believe that this book, which draws on my own knowledge, experience and beliefs, will help readers help themselves.

In the end, the only person who can Take it to the Next Level is YOU, dear reader. My book can act as a guide; consultative conversations can mirror your assumptive world(s); and following this blog will, hopefully, be encouraging. The real ‘moves,’ however, from level to level, can only be yours.

The fact that you’re reading this blog post means that you’re looking for something. You’ve landed here because you’re searching.

For those of us who earnestly search, the truth will emerge.

For those of us who seek with all our hearts, answers will come.

Let’s Take it to the Next Level,