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Luba Rascheff Consultancy, Oils & Cosmetics, is the exclusive representative of Ecolaoils Ltd. in Canada. As such, we can help you procure quality, Bulgarian Rosehip Oil, a 100% natural and ecological product that is already being sold successfully in Europe and Asia.

Ecolaoils Ltd.

Ecolaoils Ltd. is a company based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria which produces Rosehip Oil using cold-press technology. This 100% natural and ecological product, extracted from the seeds of wild-growing Rosehip bushes (Rosa canina L.), has anti-aging as well as rejuvenating properties. The product has a Certificate of Analysis as well as a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and a Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Ecolaoils Ltd.’s Bulgarian Rosehip Oil is very popular in Italy, Taiwan and Japan.
Bulgarian Rosehip Oil
Bulgarian Rosehip Oil

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Featured Artist Helen Costo

H Costo sampleLuba Rascheff Consultancy sponsors featured artist “Helen Costo.”

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