My Journey

The reason I can help you Take it to the Next Level is because I did it myself.

The first piece I wrote in this regard is Unleash Your Genius which you can read on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global here. It has to do with recognizing that buried inside of us beneath layers of hurt, disappointment, frustration and wrong thinking lies our inner genius. And, in order to live life to the fullest, impact life to the fullest and, ultimately, be happy, we need to unleash or release this genius.

Can you imagine what our world would look like if everyone chose to unleash their genius? The world would be completely different from the one we are currently experiencing. Imagine an equitable world in which everyone has exactly what they need, where we don’t so much focus on punishing people but on nurturing them, and where everyone is happy and harmonious. Let this sink in for a few moments and then continue reading.

Dream, believe and see

That which was ordained for you from the beginning is yours. It exists and is ready and waiting for you to take. But how can I obtain that which is rightfully mine? you may ask. Why is it that others seem to have what’s theirs, but I don’t have mine? These kinds of questions are questions we ask before we unleash our genius. They are questions that are steeped in a poverty mentality.

If you think about it, we live in an abundant universe with many resources. The resources from which so-and-so reaped their harvest are the same resources from which you’ll reap yours. The only difference between you and the person who reaped is your thinking. What you mistakenly think, perceive or believe is preventing you from taking what is yours, reaping from preexisting resources.

To begin to obtain what is yours, you must first recognize that it exists and has your name clearly written on it. Begin to dream of it and believe that it is yours—like it already is for someone else. It’s perfectly alright to obsess about things you want—to think, pray, consider, write down, and allow yourself to be enveloped by all that is already, and soon will be, yours.

Before returning to Canada—my birth country—after an extended sojourn in Bulgaria, I wondered what I would do there and how I could be of service to the Canadian people. As I pondered the matter in utter stillness, my inner genius ‘spoke’ to me and I saw myself as a chaplain, comforting people on account of a big war that had begun. When I arrived, I forgot all about this and distractions and other considerations pulled me away from my inner genius. I am in fact a chaplain, even though, thankfully, in peacetime.

To the degree that we attempt to manufacture situations that are inauthentic, we will fail. We will never succeed at being something, or owning something, that we were never meant to be, or possess respectively. We can ignore our genius and pretend it’s not there, but when we do that, we fail to reap the harvest that is exclusively ours.

If you want to Take it to the Next Level you have to pay attention to the signs. The signs are all around. In the same way that we must obey traffic signs, we ought to ‘obey’ life signs. It is much easier to listen to your inner genius than fight against traffic.

Let me help you Take it to the Next Level,