Take it to the Next Level: How to Rise in Life—The Book


Book writing is not new to me.

I’ve independently authored and published numerous eBooks and Books: some under a pen name, and most recently 101 Gold Nuggets of Advice and its companion book under my real name, Luba Rascheff.

At the moment, I’m simultaneously working on two books. One is about dementia—a topic that both impacts and frightens many, and something I deal with on a daily basis as a chaplain—and the other pertains to this piece. My interest in dementia is tied to my role of Director on the Board of Directors of a dementia initiative and small, cozy, assisted-living home in Toronto, Ontario that can accommodate up to five women with mild cognitive impairment. (You can read more here.)

Writing is something that naturally flows for me which is why I decided to come up with a primer by the same name for what it means to Take it to the Next Level, the core of my business, Luba Rascheff Consultancy.

The book comprises a series of easy-to-understand modules. I completed Module 5 today; have more to write; and am allowing the muse to guide me.

Take it to the Next Level, the book, has a spiritual component which courses through it, as in all of my writing. In this case, I attempt to blend spirituality with practicality so as to ‘weave’ a blueprint of how to move to higher spiritual levels and rise in life in the context of the complex age in which we find ourselves.

Although the book merges my own religious faith tradition—Christianity and its associated Trinitarian belief system—with rising in life, the concept of Take it to the Next Level can be followed by anyone, regardless of their religious tradition or spiritual views. The purpose of the book is to act as a reference, a guide, to moving up spiritually—to higher and higher levels—in life.

Writing comes easily to me because I had the privilege to live for a little over one decade in Bulgaria. It was during this time, in a completely foreign environment, that I had the privilege to write.

Writing means taking pen to paper and writing until your ink runs dry, or mercilessly tapping on a keyboard until it needs replacement. That’s because there’s a physical effort involved in writing.

I remember writing one particular book with the TV blaring, dogs barking and people coming in and out of the house! Writing happens in circumstances that are often not ideal.

I am excited about writing Take it to the Next Level: How to Rise in Life because I believe that this book, which draws on my own knowledge, experience and beliefs, will help readers help themselves.

In the end, the only person who can Take it to the Next Level is YOU, dear reader. My book can act as a guide; consultative conversations can mirror your assumptive world(s); and following this blog will, hopefully, be encouraging. The real ‘moves,’ however, from level to level, can only be yours.

The fact that you’re reading this blog post means that you’re looking for something. You’ve landed here because you’re searching.

For those of us who earnestly search, the truth will emerge.

For those of us who seek with all our hearts, answers will come.

Let’s Take it to the Next Level,