There is No Lack

If you’ve come to this website it’s no accident; it’s because you have suffered in life.

I do not refer to ordinary human suffering. I refer to wounds that are derived from oppression that is deep and crushing by design.

The good news is that I know about this and can help you. I’ve been there but was able (like you) to see through the deception.[1]

I went from being disillusioned to the point of inaction, to liberated and able to act again. The good news is that if I did it, you can do it, too.

What helped me may help you

What helped me the most was understanding that there is a spiritual level higher than the third dimension from which I can get actual help. If something that I need doesn’t exist in my physical context, it exists in a higher dimension[2] and I can call it into existence.

Let me give you an example. When Jesus fed 5,000 men—more like 9,000 or 10,000 people if you count women and children—in a deserted place, his disciples only had a handful of food—certainly not enough to feed such a huge multitude.[3] Anxious because it was getting late in the day, the disciples suggested that Jesus send them home. Probably to their dismay, Jesus replied, ‘You feed them.’[4] Of course with only five loaves of bread and two fish, they couldn’t; so Jesus prayed to God and they were able to distribute more than enough food to the people. There was so much food in fact—such an abundance—that they collected 12 baskets full of leftovers.[5]

Stop and reflect for a moment. If Jesus and his disciples went up to a deserted place without any pre-plans of feeding a huge crowd of people, why would they bring baskets along? And why specifically 12 baskets?

The truth is that God supernaturally provided 12 large baskets filled with food for 12 disciples—one basket per disciple. This makes sense logically for food distribution, as they walked between row after row of seated people handing out fish and bread.

Moving from theory to practice

I moved from a theoretical perspective—a false, limited, theoretical understanding of biblical truths—to an understanding that many of the things that the Bible talks about are steeped in reality.

If you think about it, if someone is hungry then feeding them cannot be theoretical. It must be real because hunger is real.

The same is true for spiritual hunger. If someone is spiritually hungry, then only that which is most profound, most calming, most true and most authentic can satisfy their soul.

Jesus feeding a massive crowd is not relegated to the distant past

The miracles[6] that happened back then can and do happen today.

Most importantly, they can happen to you.

You are worthy

Having been through so much in life, don’t you think you’re worthy to receive some good things? Don’t you think that you deserve it? I believe that you and I are both worthy of receiving a ‘good harvest’ and when you book with me, I’ll support you as you begin to see that this can indeed happen … to you!

Enjoy the resources of Planet Earth

We have the right—appropriately and without usurpation—to enjoy the resources that our planet has to offer. These resources are not for a few, elite people only, but for all people. No one has the right to stop us from enjoying these resources.

When Jesus fed the people, he tangibly demonstrated that there was no lack.

Can you translate this to your situation today? Can you tell yourself, ‘There is no lack’?

Let’s take it to the Next Level together.

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Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on Unsplash

[1] Matthew 24:24.

[2] Some refer to this dimension as heaven.

[3] Matthew 14:13-21.

[4] Matthew 14:16, my interpretation.

[5] Matthew 14:20.

[6] Miracles are happenings or events for which we currently have no explanation. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t an explanation.

A Powerful but Necessary Transformation

We are all languishing right now because of the global lockdown.

We can’t go outside unless it’s essential—needs or services—and find ourselves at home, perhaps wondering what to do.

Although Take it to the Next Level is about people reaching up and striving to attain higher ground in life, so to speak, the situation is such that the Next Level seems to be coming to us!

Who would have predicted some of these strange, positive and unexpected outcomes of the novel coronavirus: the atmosphere becoming cleaner, waterways  becoming clearer, and animals emerging while people stay inside, waiting for the ‘corona tide’ to wash over.

Today, I finished Module 8—Deep Introspection—for my upcoming book, Take it to the Next Level, How to Rise in Life.

This book will be a go-to resource for my clients, as well as others seeking more information, more details as to how to get there.

We’re living in very strange times indeed. Instead of making us stop and question whether we should take things higher, move up in life, we ought to be seeing the turn of events as a unique opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

The novel coronavirus—a wimpy little thing that dies when wiped down properly—is powerfully sweeping our planet. It is transforming the way we think, do business, communicate, teach, learn and live. We cannot help but react as it mercilessly kills thousands, and spares thousands.

I’ve heard it said that the reason for such strong emotional reactions to this virus, which is the sixth in a series of corona viruses, is spiritual. There’s a spiritual element to this. Some are falling into fear and despair, whereas others are strengthened by their faith in our Creator and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s easy to forget that this is Holy Week for Christians and that yesterday was the first day of Passover. Can a wimpy little virus overshadow such great feasts? I should hardly think so.

Lately, to distract myself—and distraction is good since we all need to take a break from deep introspection which I describe in Module 8—I’ve been watching YouTube battles of super heroes. My favorite one is Superman versus Hulk – The Fight (Part IV). This spectacular video was viewed 157,609,421 times to date.

In many ways, the violent scenes depict a struggle between two primordial, archetypal forces vying for predominance. Which will win? Which will overcome?

The old biblical story of David and Goliath is analogous.

David—who would become king and replace a corrupted Saul—in spite of his small, physical stature compared to the giant Goliath, easily obtained victory. He didn’t do it alone, though, he had supernatural inspiration and backing. David famously said to Goliath, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defied.” (1 Samuel 17:45)

If we are to understand the times we live in, it is imperative that we look back.

David defeated Goliath with faith, and we can defeat coronavirus in the same way.

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The Courage To Carry On

Life is hard.

It is the courage to carry on, however, that matters.

In the face of obstacles, disappointments and hardship, it’s important to keep the faith and remember that we’re not alone in this story.

Our Creator is always by our side, ready to help us at any given moment. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

There is an expectation, though, that we reach out, make some effort. It doesn’t happen magically. There is an element of co-creative participation that reveals itself in our efforts to ‘get out of our shell.’ We are full participants in the enterprise of our own ‘rescue.’

When I returned to Toronto after having spent a decade in Bulgaria, I was stunned by how many people suffered in the midst of wealth. In the midst of great material wealth, I noticed that people were ‘spiritually atrophied,’ living in their personal, isolated wastelands, hungering for human contact.

I saw more spiritual poverty than I’d ever seen in Bulgaria.

It doesn’t have to be this way

I don’t shy away from saying that the entire purpose of Luba Rascheff Consultancy is to help people leave that ‘wasteland’ and enter into a completely new arena of hope and joy. Taking it to the Next Level is ultimately about personal transformation.

Next  Level joy is happy, fulfilled.

Next Level hope means that what you need already exists in the Creator’s storehouses and all you have to do is ask.

We fail to realize that it’s already been mapped out and that in the midst of our pain and despair lies the answer.

The gold is not at the other end of the rainbow, it’s here, right in front of our eyes. Can you see it?

A different way of seeing

In order to see the beauty that surrounds us, there has to be a change. Yet this change can only come when we courageously step away from that which drags us down and energetically drains us and move forward into our new ‘home.’

Home is Where the Heart Is

I’m using home as a metaphor to describe inner psychological processes. I’m talking about feeling at home psychologically.

Our new home is different from the old. It’s not a dark, damp basement. It’s elevated and spacious with large windows through which sunlight streams in. The sun is so bright that it makes us laugh, squint our eyes and shade them with our hand!

This home is different. The furniture almost seems ‘alive’ and whatever we touch ‘speaks’ words of joy and positivity to us. The very atmosphere of our Next Level home is conducive to helping us develop and grow our God-given potential to the level it was always meant to be.

Where can I buy such a home, Luba? You may be wondering.

You can’t. It’s not for sale. You won’t find it on RE/MAX.

The home I refer to is one that you carry with you. The home I’m talking about is inside of you. This home is the Next Level you.

Let’s Take it to the Next Level, book your appointment today.