Turtle Moves

It is a myth to say that rushing works and that you’ll get ahead sooner. You won’t.

I discuss this in Module 13 of the primer, Take it to the Next Level, How to Rise in Life.

Actually, the opposite is true.

Slowing down and taking our time guarantees best results.

Turtle Moves

Today is a grey day in Toronto. It’s not very inspirational, yet I felt that that this was the right moment to write a blog post, like a turtle poking it’s head out of its shell.

Turtles move slowly, but do get ahead. So can you.

So what happens when we move more slowly? How exactly are we better positioned to take it to a higher level and rise in life when we don’t rush?

Energy saved

Everything we do in life requires energy and involves movements of such. When we slow down and make strategic moves, we reduce the amount of energy that is expended. If we engage in too many activities, our energy is dissipated (diluted) and hence less effective, less powerful.

Controlled reactions

Our reactions to the energy of others is better managed. We can choose when, how and if we react to ‘energy displays’ by others. There are various such displays but each one is intended to either bring us closer to, or take us farther from, our objectives. After all, everyone has objectives but only a few of these will truly align with ours.

True speed

What I call turtle moves are actually some of the fastest moves we can make because it’s almost as if we are manipulating time to our advantage. By not reacting when it’s not time or when others expect us to react for their purposes, we are focusing on ourselves and our own growth.

In a way, this can be compared to the Tao which is reversal.

Slow means fast (the writer’s interpretation) | Photo by Djim Loic on Unsplash


When we do turtle moves, we become very successful! If you think about it, our earthly lifetimes are quite short and how we choose to spend our time is one of the most important considerations! If you think about how you spend money—a commodity—shouldn’t you consider how to spend time?

Examples of turtle moves

In the event that you’re wondering what turtle moves look like, here’s a partial list:

  • Don’t jump to react to an energy display—positive or negative. Take your time.
  • About an energy display and how to react, ask yourself, If I react to this, will it move me closer to my goals / objectives, or take me farther away?
  • Examine your personal zeitgeist. This has to do with ‘feeling vibes.’ Does the moment appear conducive for ‘making a move,’ or is there something off which is telling you ‘to wait a little.’
  • Heed your intuition. For a fuller understanding, read a blog post I wrote about this for Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global here.
  • Poke your head out. Before making a turtle move, poke your head out to get the lay of the land. Things may have changed out there while you were ‘inside your shell’!

As I write this blog, the ‘fog’ is slowly lifting from Toronto’s grey sky.

As I write, the lay of the land is changing. There are glimmers of hope that the sun will come out.

It’s time to make a turtle move and publish this blog!

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Featured image (turtle) credit: Photo by Randall Ruiz on Unsplash

Stepping stones toward your unique destiny.

You Are More Than Your Job, Title or Degree

Healthy self-esteem is vital to moving forward well in life.

Losing a job or retiring can trigger feelings of doubt, insecurity as well as a dip in self-esteem. You may wonder, Am I still valuable and worthwhile?

Did you know, however, that categories, jobs or titles do not make us who we are? We are much more than that!

It’s been said that we are great spiritual beings having a physical experience. It’s also been said that this life is a testing ground for the next—the ultimate Next Level.

So what does that mean to me, Luba?, you may wonder.

Viewing life as a glass half full instead of half empty means that losses are stepping stones to new, better opportunities.

When we really hope for something that doesn’t happen right away or doesn’t happen at all, or lose something to which we’ve ascribed much meaning, we may feel sad, despondent and even begin to despair. But the truth is that this non-gain or loss happened in order for something more fitting and much better to fill the gap.

In many ways, life is like a playground. Some people will play with you, and others won’t. Some will bully you, and some will offer unexpected gifts. Sometimes, the game itself changes midstream. Adaptability works much better than rigidity, in any case.

Figuring out how and what we want to play means doing the inner, spiritual work. Figuring out who we really are and what we really want out of life.

We need to change the definitions and terms that society uses to define us. Instead of saying ‘unemployed,’ we should say ‘free to pursue dreams.’ Instead of saying ‘retired,’ we should say ‘ready for new adventures.’

We are more than outward physical, observable signs of success.

Time is the most important commodity that God gives us, and how we use it vital in aspiring to our goals.

Have you asked yourself, Who am I really?, What do I really want? and What should I focus on now?

These self-identification questions are key to determining next steps, steps that will take you to the next level.

It’s important not to go through life blindly but to walk gently with sensitivity. Take time to smell the roses! If you run, you will miss seeing the surrounding beauty. If you hurry, you won’t taste the richness of life.

Each of us is unique, as is our life destiny. No two people are created alike. Do not compare yourself with others because your path is unique.

5 Questions That Will Help You Decide What’s Next

  1. What do I dream to be, to have, and to do? (Write a list.)
  2. Where is my intuition leading me?
  3. Has a particular path been blocked? (If so, what else can I do?)
  4. What answer is forthcoming when I pray about the direction I’m to go?
  5. How do I feel about the path I’m choosing now?

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