Fear or Hope?

We can’t help but read about the coronavirus. It’s all over the news.

It was recently declared to be a pandemic—which means ‘sustained and continuous transmission of the disease.’[i]

The virus is spreading, but should it spread fear, too?

There are two types of fear: healthy fear that prompts fight or flight and saves us from very real and impending danger, and unhealthy fear, a pathological, unhelpful, nagging kind of anxiety that does nothing but feed into negativity.

You may experience this as an empty feeling that grips your abdomen or courses through you in waves of fear, or worse, panic. You may wonder, Am I going to die?

In no way does the latter type of fear help us Take it to the Next Level. On the contrary, it brings us down levels. Take it to the Next Level is about moving up in levels, not down!

Don’t misunderstand. I advocate taking precautionary measures against coronavirus, but please don’t add fear to the list. Fear is optional.

You may wonder, How can I take my life to the Next Level when there’s coronavirus?

Perhaps you should consider Next Level moves precisely because of the coronavirus.

For example, I decided to fly with Air France this summer. I made my reservation and purchased the tickets. Coronavirus will not stop me from traveling to Paris.[ii] Coronavirus will not limit my freedom—physical or psychological.

Whatever the origin of coronavirus, it seems to be provoking disproportionate reactions that adversely affect the way we see the world and live our lives. It appears to be reinforcing fear in those who place more of an emphasis on the temporal nature of life versus those who focus on that which is eternal and permanent.

But what if we turn the tables on the coronavirus. What if, instead of succumbing to the fear or panic that this pandemic appears to be spreading, we see coronavirus as an impetus to do those things we’ve always been meaning to do?

I mentioned earlier that I will not allow coronavirus to limit me physically or psychologically. Psychology is key in how we respond to coronavirus and other negatives.

Thankfully, the opposite of fear is hope. Hope for deliverance. Hope for a bright future. Hope for a vaccine which some are actively working on[iii] and which may come out in a few weeks. Hope for the beautiful days ahead that God has given us.

Where do you lean? On fear or on hope?

Let’s take it to the Next Level, book your appointment today,



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[ii] I admit that I am powerless over the decisions of others to restrict flights between nations.

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