Destiny’s Path

The title of the book I’m writing is Take it to the Next Level: How to Rise in Life.

What does the subtitle of the book mean? What does it mean to rise in life?

I believe that rising has to do with overcoming difficulties, obstacles or challenges whether they be physical, mental, psychological or emotional.

There never seems to be a dearth of such impediments. Like a garden that is filled with both beautiful flowers and weeds, we need to take the time to uproot all of those elements, ‘weeds,’ that are both unnecessary and hinder that which needs to ‘bloom’ in our lives.

This kind of work doesn’t come easily. It doesn’t happen overnight either.

If you’ve ever gardened, you’ll recognize that some weeds are tougher, more embedded in the soil than others. Rooting them out involves not only possessing the right tools but being willing to expend quite a bit of effort—toil and sweat even! In the case of gardening, nothing happens without getting our hands dirty, even if we’re wearing gloves.

But isn’t the effort worth it? Isn’t it wonderful to look at a garden with its neatly arranged, wide variety of flowers and perhaps fruits and vegetables? Doesn’t it make us feel good knowing that such beauty is the result of our hard work?

As in the metaphor of the garden, it takes time to ‘clear one’s mind’ and this endeavor could be described as a refining process. By ‘weeding,’ ‘clearing,’ mulling over, considering, understanding, properly dealing with—respecting even—those pernicious and unpalatable impediments—thoughts, beliefs, behaviors or people—that stand in the way of our heart’s desires, we advance along Destiny’s Path.

Destiny’s Path is the path you and I were always meant to walk on, but invariably either got or continue to get sidetracked from. This path was and is always there, and the idea is to wrench ourselves free from forces—internal or external—that are —consciously or subconsciously—trying to keep us from walking on it.

Destiny’s Path is the smooth path. It’s the path that carries us forward in an almost effortless way. It is the path that has our name written all over it. It’s like the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of Oz. It is distinct and unmistakably belongs to us.

As we ‘jump fences,’ so to speak, we’re advancing toward our destination, our goal: and we’re either getting back onto Destiny’s Path or moving along on it. We could have one goal, or more than one. It is typically a series of micro-goals, what Arianna Huffington terms micro-steps, that leads to one bigger, macro goal. The all-encompassing dream: that which exists at the end of Destiny’s Path.

A hurdle will primarily teach us what we like or don’t like; who we are or are not. Some obstacles will be tougher than others and may even seem insurmountable. They aren’t. Forward movement eventually transforms them into paper tigers.

It is in the process of ‘clearing hurdles’ that we rise in life. To clear a ‘hurdle’ means to fully understand it. This has to do with learning the lesson that a hurdle teaches.

That’s because psychological processes take place in the process of going through, moving through, clearing those aspects of our life that are preventing us from rising.

It’s in the ‘jumping and clearing’ that we cut through whatever acts as an obstacle to our advancement on Destiny’s Path.

Before we can ‘rise’ above the ‘muck and mire,’ we need to clear it. We need to listen to what life is telling us; recognize or see things for what they are; and roll up our sleeves and get creative. These are the three principles whose first letters respectively stand for LRC, short for Luba Rascheff Consultancy.

LRC is the process that I, Luba Rascheff, use to help you help yourself.

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When the Muse Calls

Although LUBA RASCHEFF CONSULTANCY was founded in 2015, the inspiration for ‘Take it to the Next Level’ with Luba Rascheff was born this year, 2019.

Can we dictate when the ‘muse’ comes calling? Of course not.

Take it to the Next Level, therefore, represents a complete overhaul of the business, a so-called ‘re-branding.’

Although re-branding can be disruptive, it is something that had to happen. It is nonnegotiable.

For those of you who follow LUBA RASCHEFF CONSULTANCY and are past or present clients, we are truly grateful. Nothing will change in your regard.

For the novelty of the odyssey that we are embarking on and future clients we attract, we say, ‘Welcome!’ and ‘How can we help you Take it to the Next Level?’

The speed at which time appears to be moving, the uncertainty of life, the unceasing technological innovations our planet is experiencing—some of which are rendering certain jobs obsolete—may seem unsettling. Whereas we grew up thinking that degrees, education, the club we belong to, or what society expects is ‘it,’ today we may find ourselves struggling, on unsteady footing, unsure as to what to do next, how to best move forward, what our next move should be and how to Take it to the Next Level in a ‘new,’ rapidly evolving world.

Our world is undergoing massive change on an unprecedented scale. The news—real or fake—is hard to keep up with, and new generations are challenging old, assumptive values.

LUBA RASCHEFF CONSULTANCY uses a consultative approach to help clients Take it to the Next Level following the LRC Model (Listen, Recognize, and Create). The acronym is easy to remember because it also represents the first three letters in Luba Rascheff Consultancy.

Luba Rascheff will personally assist the client by:

  • Listening to where you find yourself presently
  • Recognizing what needs to be done in order to help you Take it to the Next Level
  • Creating a step-by-step plan that will help you move forward


Luba Rascheff will spend as long as it takes to deeply listen to what a client has to say in order to be able to pinpoint areas in the client’s life or business that require change—that would benefit from a different direction. Luba Rascheff, an experienced, Toronto-based chaplain, has clocked countless client hours listening on a variety of levels: psychological, emotional, social and geographical. Clients trust Luba with confidential information.


Once Luba, and her client, jointly recognize what is the root cause of feelings of stagnation, helplessness or a perceived inability to move forward, an opening will form in which change can occur. Recognition is the beginning of admitting that there is a problem, issue or unresolved matter and that something positive can be done about it. The first step in taking it to a higher level has to do with recognizing that there is a need and that this need can be filled in a better, different, more ‘evolved’ manner.


Creativity is a lost art. We’ve become so used to finding pre-set answers that we’ve stopped seeking the muse. We’ve lost the connection to our source of inspiration, to divinity. We no longer allow for an opening to form into which inspiration can rest, out of which creativity can be born. Luba, and her client, will—based on the previous two steps of listening and recognizing—create a step-by-step plan that will crystalize what needs to be done for the client to move forward, to Take it to the Next Level. The plan will not be fixed in stone; it will be flexible and allow for change, depending upon changes that take place in the client’s personal life or business. The plan recognizes that changes require micro re-directions and adaptability in order to reach macro goals.

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Photo by Sandra Kaas on Unsplash