5 Tips to Avoid Feeding the ‘Demon of Negativity.’ (This includes Flying Monkeys.)

5 Tips to Avoid Feeding the ‘Demon of Negativity.’ (This includes Flying Monkeys.)

Today I’d like to share some thoughts with you about negativity, and how to best handle it.

I think it’s true to say that anyone who wants to switch things up in their lives and take it to the next level will face negativity. This statement is uncategorically true. You will face pushback no matter what. You may face outright spiritual ‘attacks.’ The reasons for this are complex and I allude to them in other blog posts; so I won’t focus on this particular aspect today. I will, however, focus on the negativity itself and how to continue moving forward in spite of it.

The big question, therefore, is, How should I handle this? And What can I do about it?

Remember: It’s all about energy

It’s very helpful if you remember that it’s all about energy, and energy exchanges.

The first exchange, believe it or not, can be within yourself. It’s internal.

Yes, you can actually project negativity onto yourself without meaning to. It may happen because of the many years of conditioning through which others have externally projected negativity onto you which you’ve accepted as fact (even though it’s not); or, it may occur for other reasons.

In this case, a good approach would be to engage in positive self talk and, perhaps, keep some mantras  handy that you can refer to when this happens. A few examples might be:

I am worthy.

What other people think of me has nothing to do with who I really am.

So-and-so may say such-and-such about me, but it’s not true at all. It’s only what they say.

My energy is vibrating at a much higher level than so-and-so’s and they can’t touch me.

Growth happens energetically

Another way that negativity can attempt to place you in its ‘grip’ is externally.

It can appear in the form of what others do or say about, around or to you.

The good news about this is that the more we take steps that bring us to higher levels, the less affected we are by such displays.

I talk about such displays in my previous LRC blog post, Turtle Moves.

An example

Examples always help me better understand a concept, so here’s one.

Someone recently commented on one of my social media posts. The comment was negative and, instead of focusing on taking it to the next level, focused on my personal life experiences as pertaining to such.

After carefully considering what the person said, I determined that their comment was intentional—the person deliberately wanted to make me feel badly about something (true or not) and at the same time reveal more about myself. It had nothing to do with them and everything to do with me. As it turns out, any way that I chose to respond to this comment would have placed me in a lose-lose situation. I chose therefore, to ignore the comment. So, yes, ignoring is a way of handling negativity under certain circumstances.

I am a mere conduit

This is a good moment to say that working with me as your spiritual life coach involves me being a mere conduit in your endeavour to take things higher.

It has much less to do with me than it does with you.

Ironically, the negative comment mentioned above has more to do with how this person sees life (primarily her own) and how she approaches people than it does with me. In many ways, this person is deluding herself because she thrives on deceitfully or illicitly or falsely gained energy. (A great topic for another blog post.)

Our proximity to negative people

There are times in life when we are forced to be around a negative person. It could be a family member or a colleague at work. It will happen but there is a way to handle this negativity well.

If you must be around a negative person due to circumstances, you can always choose not to feed their ‘demon of negativity.’ It seems to always want to be fed energetically, but it’s up to us whether we do or do not; so just don’t do it! The same applies to flying monkeys. Just don’t let them!

But, Luba, you may think, They seem so overpowering and manipulative, how can I really do what you’re saying?

Remember, you can’t control others’ behavior but you can control your own. You can always decide to turn the tables in the case of a negative energy ‘burst.’

Here’s how.

5 tips to avoid feeding the ‘demon of negativity’

  1. Carefully weigh whether the ‘attack’ is internal or external. If it’s internal, use the abovementioned mantras or think up some of your own to confront it directly.
  2. If you can—there are a few circumstances under which you won’t be able to, politely, step away from a situation but these are exceptions—take a step back or walk away for a little bit, calm down and use the front part of your brain—your cerebral cortex—to decide what to do or say.
  3. From a calm, settled position, reply logically without allowing your emotions to take over.
  4. Realize that if you’re here on my website reading these words, you’ve already recognized that energy is important and that you can choose how and what you do with your own personal energy. Tap into positivity and creativity when facing negativity.
  5. Stop living by the calendar—the calendar was designed for you, not the other way around—and do something that fills you with joy! Filling yourself with joy is very perplexing for the ‘demon of negativity’ as it doesn’t know what it is and can’t handle it.

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