Applied Sensitivity

I opened a new, online Picfair store and am very happy with my June, Twitter promotion to Tokyo, Japan.

This promotion reached 130K+ individuals, far exceeding Twitter’s prediction. I reached approximately 43K people per day instead of Twitter’s 3.9K per day maximum.

I have been focusing on taking close-ups of flowers.

One of the comments I received from Japan was, ‘I wish I could take such beautiful photographs with my mobile telephone.’

Love the flower

My reply to this individual was that they could, if they loved the flower.

When taking photographs, it is the love that we feel for the subject of the photograph that counts.

It is the love and attention that we bestow upon, in this case, the flower that creates the conscious ‘link’ between photographer and flower that, in turn, results in a beautiful photograph.

Masaru Emoto speaks of consciousness and how our thoughts and intentions affect molecular structures.[1] To love the flower means to impart love, affection and appreciation for the peace, beauty and healing properties that emanate from it. The flower then feels this and, in turn, reciprocates by allowing its true essence to be photographed.

This is because flowers are not inanimate objects; they are living beings that feel.

My newfound passion for photographing flowers is intrinsically bound up in taking it to the next level.

When I remove the false concept that a photograph is just ‘point and shoot,’ I acknowledge the preciousness of nature and the privilege I’m given to be able to artistically represent it.

If we ever hope to Take it to the Next Level, we need to ditch the point-and-shoot mentality and replace it with a slower, more caring, more loving approach—to both photography and life itself.

We are one

In many ways, we are bound up with nature.

A truly great photograph results in the photographer becoming united with her subject.

To lovingly pay attention to nature is to allow its healing properties to wash over us.

Applied sensitivity is a pre-requisite

Have you ever wanted to take a class but realized that you hadn’t met the pre-requisite—another class that you had to take first?

Well, we can say that the pre-requisite to capturing a flower’s true essence is applied sensitivity.

More and more people are becoming sensitive to the concept of interconnectivity and conscious interchange these days.

The next step is to apply this understanding in action—in this case photography.

After a typical day as a chaplain—during which time I see illness and sometimes death—the flowers ‘speak’ to me.

The flowers reveal the grace of God and how it always covers us, no matter what.

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Image credit: THE SERIES VII by Luba Rascheff

[1] ‘Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water Consciousness, New frontiers in mind-body wellness,’ The Wellness Enterprise, accessed online July 11, 2021,