A Wonderful Lunch with Lisa McDonald

I had the pleasure of having a wonderful lunch this week with Lisa McDonald, of ‘Living Fearlessly’ with Lisa McDonald fame, at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto. As a former radio guest, it was thrilling to meet Lisa in person. A beautiful, sunny day, the atmosphere was ripe for sharing ideas, autographing each other’s books and having a great time!

When you’re in the company of like-minded, high-energy people, you feel a positive ‘surge’ and there’s that inner knowing that you were meant to meet and that there’s a higher purpose. The purpose may not have crystalized yet—it may be unclear, unformed, nebulous even—but you know on a deeper level that you are in the company of a kindred spirit whose thought patterns match yours and who wants the good of humanity, just like you do.

An essential part of taking it to the next level is dropping old, draining associations and forming new, energizing and empowering ones.

‘How can I tell whether I’m supposed to be around someone or not, Luba?’ you may wonder. The answer is energy. If you feel like you’re giving and giving and that the people you’re frequenting are draining you, you’re hanging with the wrong crowd.

During our lunch, Lisa McDonald said to me, ‘Frequency is very precise. If you turn the radio dial a little bit this way or a little that way, you’re no longer attuned. You miss the message.’ As a radio host, Lisa knows this well. I think that her statement can be applied to the people we associate with. Different energetic vibrations clash whereas similar frequencies jibe, so to speak.

If you want to Take it to the Next Level, stop forcing yourself to unnecessarily endure certain environments, situations or people that clash with your values and energetic signature. You may be in these circles because you think (falsely) that society or your family expects this of you. In the final analysis, life is short and at the end of the day, no one will remember the efforts that you falsely poured your heart and soul into. By the power that is invested in me as your Life Coach, I decree that you are free from this forever!

How do you feel after having heard this from me? Do you feel liberated? I hope so! Take a moment to breath and say to yourself, ‘I am free.’ (Repeat.)

Dropping old, negative associations and forming new, positive ones is inherently freeing. The rush of freedom that you will feel from doing so, the peace that will surround you and enable you to enhance your creativity like never before, is life altering.

Lisa and I spoke about how she is now guarding her energy more preciously than ever. I concurred and encourage you, dear Reader, to start doing the same. Every step you take down the wrong path is a waste of your precious energy—time, talent and focus.

If you stick to the energy frequency that is uniquely yours and walk down Destiny’s Path, you are undoubtedly taking it to the Next Level. You’re walking down your Yellow Brick Road!

The 5 Red Flags that you’re associating with the wrong people

  1. You feel drained when you’re around them.
  2. Your performance is based on a sense of duty only, not a genuine desire to associate.
  3. Their hopes, dreams and aspirations do not align with yours.
  4. Your intuition is telling you to get away from them.
  5. When you’re not around them, you feel happy.

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Let’s Take it to the Next Level,