Sample Agreement


This Agreement, executed on _______________, is hereby made between [NAME] of [Address], hereinafter referred to as the “CLIENT,” and LUBA RASCHEFF CONSULTANCY, [Address], (a company registered in Ontario with Business # XXXXXXXXX established on _______________) and hereinafter referred to as the “AGENCY.”

It is agreed by and between the CLIENT and the AGENCY as follows:

  1. Confidentiality

The CLIENT can expect that what they say during sessions will be held in strict confidentiality by the AGENCY.

  1. Limitations of Confidentiality

Despite point 1 above, should the CLIENT indicate a desire to self-harm or harm others, the AGENCY will report this appropriately and promptly discontinue offering services to the CLIENT.

  1. Session

A session takes place online via Zoom Video Conferencing Technology ( The first introductory meeting (free) is 15 minutes long, with subsequent (billable) sessions being 45 minutes long, maximum. The client does not need to have a Zoom account in order to use Zoom. The CLIENT need only have access to a computer capable of connecting to the Internet, high speed Internet (fast enough for Zoom to work properly), and an e-mail address. The AGENCY will invite the CLIENT for a scheduled Zoom meeting and the CLIENT will attend the session, with video mode turned on.

  1. Expectations

The CLIENT must promptly pay within two business days via Interac e-transfer after each session. Failure to do so will result in stoppage of services. Sessions can only happen during the AGENCY’s business hours as listed on its website,

The CLIENT can expect to be listened to with compassion, genuineness and transparency and guided by the AGENCY in like manner as to how to Take it to the Next Level.

The AGENCY expects that the CLIENT is motivated to Take it to the Next Level and accepts personal responsibility in this regard. The CLIENT understands that the AGENCY has a virtual office, no telephone number and that all extra-session communication happens via e-mail.

The CLIENT understands that guidance to Take it to the Next Level is given by the AGENCY with goodwill and with the client’s best interest in mind but that, ultimately, the client is responsible for their choices and that they will hold the AGENCY harmless.

The CLIENT understands that the AGENCY does not offer therapy but offers personal coaching or guidance that is primarily spiritual in nature with the aim of facilitating spiritual growth to help the CLIENT Take it to the Next Level. The AGENCY will do this by using the LRC acronym: Listening to the CLIENT; Recognizing what needs to be done to help the CLIENT Take it to the Next Level; and Co-creating a step-by-step plan to help the CLIENT move forward.

The AGENCY can, should it so decide for whatever reason, decide not to offer its services or discontinue offering its services.

  1. Cancelation Policy

If the CLIENT books an appointment and then cancels via e-mail only sent to at any time prior to the appointment, the cancellation fee is $100, and the CLIENT will not be charged for the session. The client must promptly pay the cancellation fee within two business days via Interac e-transfer. Failure to do so will result in stoppage of services.

  1. Fees

The first introductory meeting, 15 minutes, is always FREE. Each subsequent session is 45 minutes long, maximum, with fees payable after said session via Interac e-transfer. If the client decides to end a session before the end of the 45 minutes, the fee will nonetheless remain the same.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Agreement in duplicate through

their respective duly authorized officials on the day, month and year hereinabove mentioned.

For: Luba Rascheff Consultancy


Luba Rascheff

President and Founder





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